Q: What is happening here?

A: We support our STARS, we respect them, some of us love and honor them. A great Moment is to meet the STARS and maybe change a few Words. If we may take a Photo together, this is definitely a Magic Moment.

That´s what ME AND MY STARS is all about – share your Magic Moments with the World!

Q: What kind of Image File Formats/ Pictures can I submit?

A: You can submit the standard Image File Formats, gif, jpg, and png. And don´t think about the Size, we will scale it for you. You get the best results by using the landscape format. But please make sure that the Picture is not upside down or sideways.

Q: I have a Picture of a Friend with a STAR. May I post it?

A: Please be sure that you have the Permission to submit the Picture. If not, you are unfortunatly not allowed to share it here.

Q: I have a Picture with my favorite STAR – but the STAR is “only” known in my City/ Region/ Country. Is it good enough?

A: A STAR is a STAR. Whether your STAR is known worldwide, in your Country, in your Region or in your City. Of course your Picture is good enough for ME AND MY STARS. This Website is made for you.

Q: I have submitted a Picture with a STAR but it is not published yet.

A: The Submissions are under “Pending Review”. We will check every Submission and publish your Pictures as soon as possible. It may take some time because the ME AND MY STARS-Team is only a small, but dedicated Team.

Q: I have found a Picture of myself on this Website, but didn´t submit it and don´t want to see it online.

A: Please contact us with Details about this Picture and we will delete it immediately.

Q: Is this a commercial Website?

ME AND MY STARS is a private non-commercial Website. We love STARS and started to build up this platform for all to share their Magic Moments. We do not earn a Cent with it, but we love to see this Community growing.

Q: I have a Suggestion, a Question or an Idea.

A: Feel free to contact us.